Learn Your Slargon!

When you hear the words “Climate Change,” what comes to mind? Are you concerned about the tipping point of earth’s climate, or that we will fall into a feedback loop? Are you weary of global weirding and anthropogenic forcing? If so, you are probably quite savvy at discussing climate change impacts, predictions, and mitigation strategies.

1501924However, most of us are NOT that savvy at discussing climate change. As California dives headfirst into yet another summer of drought with no relief in sight, leaders are brainstorming ways to adapt to climate change quickly. Changes to our climate will impact snowpack, water levels, and precipitation, and it is critical to know how to talk about issues that are brought about by anthropogenic (“man-made”) climate change.

Over this summer, our interviews will focus on a growing collection of terms that apply to trends and impacts of climate change in conversations. We have compiled this slang and jargon – or “slargon” – into a glossary that communicators can utilize to explain the science, political support, and social implications that surround the conversation to the public.

Stay tuned for interviews by leaders explaining the strengths of communicating with the slargon of climate change.

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