The future may be getting hotter, but it’s still a bright one

Our blog focuses on big topics. We have never shied away from tackling big projects and issues and bringing you interviews with leading experts and influencers. Over the next year we are going to keep taking big steps towards keeping you informed about important and interesting topics. In 2015, we are dedicating the focus our blog on one of today’s hottest topics and one that affects us all – climate change. We will bring you commentaries and interviews that will inform you about this topic and prepare you to do your part, at home, at work, and throughout your daily lives.

The more informed you are about a topic, the better decisions you make. From choosing to walk or ride your bike short distances instead of driving to understanding related policies and proposed bills, the more you know the better off we’ll all be. We will explore different ways local and national governments are preparing for and working to reduce the effects of climate change. We will cover how climate change is communicated in the media, on social media and with visual communications. We’ll take you to big projects across the country and around the world that are combating the harmful effects of climate change through sustainability, conservation and renewable energy.

Credit: UC San Diego Extension

Credit: UC San Diego Extension

As a public involvement firm we are committed to keeping stakeholders informed and up to date early and often and maintaining open dialogues and transparency throughout a project, campaign or effort. This passion is what drives us to use our blog to explore meaningful topics like climate change. We encourage you to participate in this online forum, by sharing your own comments, thoughts, articles and other information. Let’s learn from each other.

Stay turned for our first post on climate change in the coming weeks.

The Collaborative Services Blog Team 

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