Flounders, and gangplanks, and smokestacks! Oh my!

In June and July, we showed our readers banished words, slang words, words of the year, and words that create sayings backed with extra meaning. We looked at commonly misused phrases and the history of even more common idioms. Looking back, we have filled our blog with a colorful cornucopia of word choices. We hope you have enjoyed this word-filled journey as much as we have enjoyed being your vocabulary tour guide.

Credit: edudemic.com

Credit: edudemic.com

And now, without further ado, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the word aficionados who contributed over the past two months:

In August our blog will take a summer break, but first we are closing our series on words and word choice with a nod to beach lingo from the roaring 1920’s.

Credit: NYTimes.com

Credit: NYTimes.com

“To avoid being bellbuoys and water-lilies, we’re donning our films to join the beach combers and weak fish on the shore during the month of August.”

For a full translation, visit the ‘20s Beach Vernacular inventory by Ben Schott from the New York Times.

We look forward to bringing you new insights this fall, starting with our annual series on BIG projects in September!

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The Collaborative Services Blog Team


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