What’s in a Word?

Everything. A world without words is a world we can’t imagine. Words are crucial to participating in all your relationships – whether at work, home or in the community.

Think about it. How would you state your opinion without words? Cheer without enjoying the announcers “gggoooooaaaalllll” or “you can hang a star on that!” How would you greet someone? How would you make a nuanced point that could make the difference between the right and wrong decision?

So, our theme of the next two months is four letters beginning with w – word. We’ll look at banished words, slang words, words of the year, and words that create our sayings that are packed with extra meaning.


In this noisy marketplace of ideas and in a world of important decisions to make, having the right words matters more than ever. We want to help all of us stay off “F” Street in the middle of the desert where our friends above have found themselves . We hope you enjoy the series and share your ideas…in your own words.

The Collaborative Services Blog Team

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