How do we get what we see?

Credit: Sign Art Plus

Credit: Sign Art Plus

Over the past couple of months, we have discussed how the way we communicate is changing. We featured how our world and the 4th Estate have become more visual and the history leading up to that, as well as online and social media tools that are changing the way we report and receive our news.

This month, we shift our focus to visual communications. We often don’t realize how much we rely on visual communications or understand the process behind coming up with what we see. Many of you use visual communications to navigate your way through your daily life and understand the world.

Beyond being necessary for many of us, visual communications help enhance information. Adding an image to text brings a story to life. While the concept of putting art and copy together revolutionized the advertising industry in the 1960’s, visual communications have been used for thousands of years. Ancient communities told stories and recorded their history with cave paintings before there were formal words. The industrial revolution brought change to economic development, new manufacturing processes and an expanded transportation system. These advances created new needs for signage. Visual communications can aid in the learning process and help you to more throughly grasp information. Today, picture dictionaries are used to teach children their language and to teach adults a foreign language. Visual communications are in large part how we get information to make decisions.

Like all information, you have to be a wise user of it. So we’ll end the month evaluating visual information. We hope you enjoy.

Liz Faris, Account Manager
Collaborative Services

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