Goodbye Social Media. Hello Visual Communications.

Credit: mediabistro

Credit: mediabistro

In March, we took you through the evolution of social media. We interviewed the experts and got their take on how to succeed in a field that is constantly changing. We talked to a professor and author about how important it is for journalism to adapt to the digital age. We talked to the annual awards ceremony that honors the best in social media and found out what criteria they use to determine their selections. We ended by talking to a top government agency that is creating social media that is out of this world, reaching new audiences and keeping journalistic standards in tact through their social media credential program.

Our goals were to show you that every industry can use these resources and how to catch up if you’ve fallen behind. The bottom line is that these resources make it easier for your community to get engaged and participate, increasing your odds of better meeting their needs and expectations.

We want to thank our interviewees –

Credit: Whiny Pencil

Credit: Whiny Pencil

This month we will focus on another way we communicate – through visual information. We will feature the common, the important and the unique visual communications that are all around you and learn why they were chosen for their intended communication purpose.

We hope you stay with us and share the visual communications you like or want to know more about. See you (pun intended) soon.

Liz Faris, Account Manager
Collaborative Services

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One thought on “Goodbye Social Media. Hello Visual Communications.

  1. Dan Beamer says:

    Good job! Looking forward to learning about visual communication.

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