4th Estate: We move from images that reported the news to the ways we report and receive the news today

This past month, we showed you how throughout history images have played a big part in reporting the news. Illustrations re-created far away newsworthy events. Photos made us witness to history as it unfolded. Social media provides us access to areas of the world that are otherwise closed off to our participation. Whether you draw it, shoot it or Instagram it, images have remained one of the most powerful ways we communicate.

Next up, we’ll take a closer look at the evolution of the 4th Estate as we explore online and social media. Today, you may get most of – if not all of your news – on your smartphone, tablet and social media resources. But just 30 years ago, all of that was new. We start this next topic by going back to the future with this 1981 news report of the brave new online world on its way.

Do you prefer traditional or new media sources to get your news?

The Collaborative Services Team


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