Melting Pots to Fruitcakes

As fascinating as it was to explore Elections, it’s time for the Collaborative Services’ blog to tackle other topics even though – yes – some politicians are already said to be exploring a presidential run in 2016. (Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we apologize, as the next race will come soon enough!)

Credit: San Diego County News Center

Credit: San Diego County News Center

So, we now elect to move on.  But before we do, we want to thank our contributors who offered their points of view about the election.  We’d like to acknowledge:

Chrissy Faessen, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Rock the Vote, which has been encouraging young people to register and vote for 21 years now.

Rebekah Hook, a Public Policy Assistant here at Collaborative Services who volunteered as a poll worker in the June primary election.

Jonathan Louth, a Political Scientist and Lecturer at the University of Chester in England who spoke of the merits of compulsory voting in elections.

Scott Tranchemontagne, a representative for the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, NH who spoke about this community’s great American voting tradition of being the first in the nation to cast their ballots at midnight at the resort.

We’d also like to thank Martin P. Wattenburg, a Professor of Political Science at the University of California Irvine, who responded to a number of our questions regarding an Atlantic article he wrote about making Election Day a holiday.

This year’s election saw the most diverse electorate ever. We celebrate that diversity with this month’s theme for the blog. This month, we will explore how different cultures celebrate the holidays both here and abroad. For instance, are we the only nation that has this thing called “fruitcake?” (Let’s hope so.)

Credit: Navy Pier Chicago

Diversity is something that empowers us as a nation. By mid-century, we will be a majority-minority nation, meaning that the combinations of different minorities – Asian Americans, Latinos and African Americans – will surpass the white population.

So, although we are electing to move on from the election, we are electing to enjoy the diversity of our nation. We hope that you enjoy.

Happy holidays. May they be merry and bright where ever you may be.

Catherine Smith, President
Collaborative Services, Inc.

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